Andy's Mud & Chemical Co., LLC
"One Tuff Mudder"

About us

Andy's Mud & Chemical Co., LLC is a full-service drilling fluid company that specializes in Drilling Mud and Fluids, and Chemicals. We are proud to have serviced the area for more than 30 years.

Andy's Mud & Chemical Co.

Andy’s Mud & Chemical Co., LLC is a full-service drilling Mud and fluids company headquartered in Hays, Kansas. We are one of the largest wholesalers in the state of Kansas.

Andy’s Mud has been servicing wells for over 30 years. We’ve earned our reputation by being honest and reliable to our customers. Our skillful level of engineering and dependable service has been the trademark of what we guarantee to deliver on every well. Throughout the years the oil industry has experienced many challenging times, yet Andy’s Mud & Chemical Co., LLC has taken pride in its ability to remain a stalwart in the oil industry of western Kansas for over three decades.


Andy’s Mud & Chemical Co., LLC was founded in 1986 by Andy Werth. Andy continues to serve as president and owner. His son Kirk Werth serves as the Operations Manager, son Jared Werth serves as the Warehouse Manager, and daughter Andrea Jensen serves as the Office Manager.

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715 E 12th Street

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721 E 12th Street

(785) 625-3531

"One Tuff Mudder"


We focus on providing innovative products and exceptional customer service in order to optimize drilling efficiencies. In order to provide superior service and accountability, Andy's Mud and our dedicated team is on call 24/7, we operate our own private trucking service, free of third-party entities, so we can ensure on-time deliveries to our customer operations and eliminate unnecessary costs. 


Communication is an essential practice that we don’t take lightly at Andy’s Mud. Our engineers email daily drilling reports which consist of information taken from the rig to keep the field and office personnel up to date with costs, mud properties and recommended treatments.

Drilling Fluids

It's our goal to provide the most cost effective source for drilling fluids and engineering applications on each well location. We are known to deliver a quality gauged well-bore with minimal washout and great completion ratios that account for excellent cement and bond logs. Our water-based systems are customizable to the required application.

Trucking Service

We know how crucial on-time deliveries are for our customers’ daily operations. We are the owner and operator of fully equipped fleet of service trucks which allows us to guarantee on-time deliveries of Andy’s Mud premium products to your location. We’re not confined to oilfield deliveries we have the capability to deliver to any location or city with our truck carried forklift. Top service is our #1 priority!

experience and Knowledge

With over 70 combined years of experience our team of accomplished field engineers take pride in providing custom solutions to the challenges presented by operators and work hand in hand to insure our products and services meet their needs. We have extensive experience with diverse well types in the region and look forward to a challenge.



Our vast market consists of oilfield, agriculture and water conservation,as well as a variety of uses by average consumers. Our Premium Gel helps seal ponds, lagoons, and foundations. Cottonseed Hulls are an excellent source for gardening. Soda Ash is a common additive to swimming pools. Lime is useful in raising the pH in acidic soils. Cedar Fiber makes a great bedding for livestock. As you can see our products have numerous applications.